Materials Used:

© TheHOINK 2010 - © Original by Jean-Louis André Théodore Géricault 1819

Pencil 6H-Grade
Linen Oil
Titanium White Pigment
Derwent Oil-Colours
Reeves Oil-Colours
Some No-Name Oil-Colours
Different Cheapest Natural Brushes
Different Cheapest Synthethic Brushes
Schmincke Akademie Acrylic Colours
Canvas – 90x70cm – 28×20 Inch approx. A Single One
Whole Project Illustration: 270x210cm – 84×60 Inches approx.



The Background scenery for a planned social-criticism-play for the “WALI – Arbeitsloseninitiative im Lahn-Dill-Kreis”, or the “Wetzlarer Arbeitsloseninitiative”, so to speak.
Had to work with different people who all added their one to five hours of work.  All people involved have been totally untrained except for my father and me.
The Canvases have been screwn together so you could unloosen them and transport the whole scenery-background as a smaller package inside of every car without damaging it.
The Canvases have been prepared like antique Ones.
The whole project in the end used around 500 hours of work and preparation divided onto almost 4 months.