Materials Used:

© TheHOINK 2012

Pencil HB-Grade
Pencil 6H-Grade
Kuretake DV140-40 Real Sable Brushpen
Pentel GFKP FP10 Pocket Brush
Lefranc&Burgeois – NanKing  Indian / Chinese Ink
Hahnemühle Nostalie Drawing Paper 190g/qm – A4 Sheet (21×29,7cm) – 8×12 Inch approx.



One out of the Gallery “Fans of TheHOINK”
Made this as an Example to show to the folks.
There is a timelimit for each and every Portrait, after which I just stop adding more depth and details.
I do these without any request, as fanservice. All Illustrations are for Sale in the end.

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