All works shown on this page are solely Copyrighted by TheHOINK

If some other Work or Artist influenced an Illustration, these have been done for Fun, for Non-Financial Purposes, or for Studying Purposes, and there is a clear statement inside the Work’s Description, where the Inspiration was taken from.

Me being an Illustrator (I despise the word “artist” mostly, it makes poeple believe you just shake it out of your pockets, it’s a lot of hard and strennous work and effort put into it) does not mean I do not have to pay bills myself.
Every Illustration on this page can be saved for personal fun and to show it around, but ASK FIRST before reposting. If you want to use it somewhere as an Avatar of Sorts, DO NOT ALTER them.
And of Course I highly prefer to SELL what I am working on 18 hours per day right now.
Let Commissions roll in, and feel free to ask for the Prices of ANY Original Illustration or Painting, and or course everything can be done as another handmade Duplicate again, being closer to what you might imagine.

Feel free to save Works for Non-Commercial purposes to your Computer, and spread the Word of the Freak to Families, Friends, Foes.
It have been six hard years of Education (which I paid for) and it is over a decade of almost daily training to reach the level I have now. WHich I am going to progress, of Course.
Which I can not achieve if bills stack everywhere and people just “steal” my works here and in worst case alter them, get rid of the Copyright Line and print or repost them.
Any Commercial Use of TheHOINK’s Works will be followed, prosecuted, sued, and in the Consequence you will end up in my frying Pan for Vivian and Me for Dinner, accompanied by a good red Wine.  So, consider Thrice what You are doing!