Materials Used:

© TheHOINK 2012

Pencil HB-Grade
Pencil 6H-Grade
Kuretake DV140-40 Real Sable Brushpen
Pentel GFKP FP10 Pocket Brush
Lefranc&Burgeois – NanKing  Indian / Chinese Ink
PentelAquash Medium Tip Waterbrush
SchminckeHoradam Artist Watercolour
HahnemühleNostalie Drawing Paper 190g/qm – A4 Sheet (21×29,7cm) – 8×12 Inch approx.



The Children of the couple requested their parents Marriage Photos as Aquarells (Watercolour Illustrations) in my very own style. Here we go!

Loved the challenge of transferring old, yellowed, dark Fotos… but it admitably took quite long in the end. ^_^