Materials Used:

© TheHOINK 2012

Pencil 6H-Grade
Kuretake DV140-40 Real Sable Brushpen
Pentel GFKP FP10 Pocket Brush
Lefranc&Burgeois – NanKing  Indian / Chinese Ink
Hahnemühle Nostalie Drawing Paper 190g/qm – A4 Sheet (21×29,7cm) – 8×12 Inch approx.



They sport Laserweapons You NEVER imagined!!!

Just one Starter for a full Row of
“Nature kicks back and it is Your Butt it will be!”
Illustrations. Nature is cool, it’s the biggest, most creative Thing, it’s God…  and our Livesource.
We need more trashy Animal-Horror-Nature-Strikes-Back-Videos again like in the glorious 70s and 80s!